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- Grads -

– Graduation
When I think graduation I think of new beginnings. I think of at least a short lived freedom from classes and homework. I think of getting to follow your dreams, what ever they may be. I think of young hearts excited and maybe a little bit nervous for what ever the future has in store…

– What to wear
You should definitely bring a several outfits. It’s so cool when you can bring a few outfits that represent different sides of who you are. For me, that’s my favorite jeans with my cowboy boots, or a lacy dress with some fun sparkly heels. For some, it’s a skirt and converse, or a blazer and skinny jeans! If you can’t decide, bring your favorites and we can pick together. Don’t be afraid of color especially more “jewel” type tones. Dark reds like burgundy and magenta or rich greens such as olive or hunter along with navy blue and teal are all great choices.

– Hair and Makeup
If you have connections go for it! It is just crazy how much more confident it will make you instantly feel. Having a professional help with your hair and makeup is such a fun and awesome experience to help you look and feel your best! If you don’t already have a MUAH (makeup and hair ;) specialist in mind I would be happy to share some names with you of some local awesomely talented ladies!

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